About Tide Timers

Tide Timers are easier to understand and more readily accessible than printed tide tables. The red ball hand always shows how many hours until your next high or low tide because the Tide Timer runs on moon time, where each day has 24 hours and 50 1/2 minutes. Especially along the East Coast of the United States and Canada, the tidal cycles are regular and rhythmic with two high and two low tides during each lunar day.

Tide Timers are assembled in the USA by hand using the most accurate battery-operated quartz movements. We offer no-hassle purchase satisfaction.  All clocks are backed by our 1 Year Free Repair/Replacement Guarantee. After 1 year, movements or hands will be replaced "at our cost" for the lifetime of your clock..

Tide Timers are recommended for use on both Coasts of the United States and Canada.  On the Atlantic they never need adjustment.  On the Pacific, including Hawaii, they can be calibrated to different coastal locations using our proprietary setting tables.  See the NOAA chart in the Where Tide Clocks Work section for many other areas around the world where tide clocks are effective.  Tide clocks will not work in the Gulf of Mexico.