LunaTime Clock

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  • Tracks the moon and lunar day.
  • Follows the 25-hour circadian cycle.
  • Can also be used as a tide clock.
  • Free standing or wall mount.
  • 6" x 6"x1/2" thick sparkling acrylic.

What is the LunaTime?
If you've ever wondered "Why do we sometimes see the Moon during the day?" "Does the Moon really control the Tides?" "Does the Moon rise and set everyday?" "What is the new Moon?" or "Why does the Moon change shape in the sky?" then the LunaTime is for you. This clock shows you the answers to all these questions right before your eyes.

The LunaTime is a clock whose hand rotates clockwise once every 24 hours and 50 ½ minutes, and therefore keeps accurate track of the Moon and tells you exactly where it is at all times. The Moon comes alive with the LunaTime. It is geared to the Moon's unusual cycle of 24 hours and 50 ½ minutes per day. This unique timepiece reveals exciting and unfamiliar facts about our closest celestial neighbor - the Moon. Just as the Sun passes overhead every day, traveling from east to west in about the same arc, so does the Moon pass overhead everyday, traveling from east to west in about the same arc. But instead of the Moon doing it in 24 hours like the Sun, the Moon does it in 24 hours and 50 ½ minutes. It is because the moon passes overhead each day at a different solar time that we never know where to look for it in the sky. And it's this time difference between the Moon's and Sun's cycles that cause the phases of the Moon.

If you'd like to read more about the Moon, click here for Louis Schelling's "Think Lunar" information sheet.