Vector Fishing Barometer

Track atmospheric pressure so you can make better catches and avoid poor weather conditions! Not only will you know the ideal times to make great big catches that can feed your friends and family but you'll also know when the weather is safe so you're safe from danger! Go out and catch the biggest, heaviest cod you've ever seen!


Corrosion-resistant ABS housing
Scratch-resistant acrylic lens
Dial diameter: 4"
Mounting flange diameter: 6"
Weight: 6 oz. 
Mounting hardware included
One year manufacturers warranty

How Does the Vector Fishing Barometer Help Catch Fish?

Well, simply put atmospheric pressure affects how much air is in the fish's organs - especially how much air is in their swim bladder! What this swim bladder does is determine the fish's buoyancy. When fish are feeling bloated under low increasing atmospheric pressure they'll be deeper in the water and they won't be hungry, whereas high decreasing atmospheric pressure is the ideal feeding condition - fish will be more prone to biting the bait!

What if you want to try out new fishing techniques? Well, we recommend you do this at an atmospheric pressure of 29.2 - this is when your fishing conditions are stable (as in it's not the best time to fish, but it's also not the worst time).

You'll also be able to avoid poor weather - because who wants to get soaked in rain? Or worse, get stuck in a storm? We don't want that, and you'll be able to use the barometer to track weather conditions! For example, you'll be able to tell if there will be bad weather if the barometer shows falling air pressure!


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